QA TimberTech2 Acoustic Plus Acoustic Heavy-Duty Foil Wood Underlay

Our best selling underlay the QA Timbertech2 Acoustic Plus is engineered using a 5mm natural rubber with an integrated gold vapour barrier to prevent moisture.

Impact Rating

Reduces by 27 dB


0 mm


Covers 8m2


29.6 kg


£4.50 /m²

ex VAT


£5.40 /m²

inc VAT

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Product Description

The QA Timbertech2 Acoustic Plus is our best performing underlay, with an impact noise reduction of 27dB and a density of 3.70kg/m², which is commonly associated with professional soundproofing products – designed for laminate, engineered wood and solid wood floors, whether a domestic or contract installation.

Underlay has been specifically designed to tackle impact noise, although some underlays share their qualities with professional soundproofing it does not mean it will be the complete solution. We would recommend that you install a layer of barrier such as Soundlay / Soundlay Plus or our range of CMS barrier mats to the sub-floor before laying the underlay to achieve optimum results. For more information on how to install barrier mats click here.

The heavy mass and stay-put quality attributed to the Acoustic Plus provides excellent resistance to compression, and impact sound reduction properties. The 5mm thickness will also compensate for any sub-floor imperfections.

  • The sound of silence – Timbertech2 Acoustic Plus has an exceptional impact sound insulation level of 27dB along with a density of 3.70kg/m² which contributes to airborne noise reduction.
  • Protects against moisture – The gold vapour barrier stops you floor covering being damaged by moisture rising from sub-floors.
  • Heavyweight champ – The 5mm thickness combined with heavy mass and a high density ensure the floor covering is always fully supported, reducing wear and tear.


Impact Reduction

This product has an Impact Noise Rating of 27dB, provided to us by the manufacturer. This is the reduction you will get when using this product.

Need Some Assistance?

If you need any assistance in understanding our product range, please don’t hesitate to call our customer service team on 01484 411888.

Who is this product for?

This product is our best selling impact noise reduction underlay for wood and laminate floors, ideal for both domestic and commercial settings.

The built in moisture barrier and 27dB impact reduction make this product an unbeatable performer for most wood/laminate floor set-ups.

Technical Specification

Area 8m2
Dimensions 8m x 1m x 0mm
Thickness 0mm
Weight 29.6kg
Impact Noise Rating 27dB

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You can find all of the information shown here on one of our product data sheets which are in a PDF format. You can download this below.

Technical Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet

Fitting & Installation

This product is designed to be loose laid, with a floating floor system on top. This means your flooring will require a tongue and groove connection for use with this underlay.

Like all foil underlay’s, this product is installed foil side down (sponge side up).

If you have any installation enquiries, please call our customer service team on 01484 411888.

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