Soundproof Fitting Guide

Our barrier mats are extremely versatile rubber soundproofing mats that can be applied to floors, ceilings and walls to tackle airborne noise problems.

Below is a comprehensive fitting guide to how to install the barrier mats, however if you are still in doubt we would recommend using a professional installer.

Installing Barrier Mats on Ceilings

Ceiling Installation
  • Remove existing ceiling, exposing joists.
  • Place a dense wool between the joists, then fix resilient bars at right angles to the exposed joists.
  • Attach plasterboard to resilient bars (using screws).
We would recommend that a professional is brought in to complete the previous steps.
  • Securely attach barrier mats to newly installed plasterboard using a spray adhesive or nails.
  • Attach a second layer of plasterboard to the surface of the barrier mats, then using an acoustic sealant seal the gaps around the edges of the plasterboard, alternatively you could simply plaster over the barrier mats.

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Installing Barrier Mats on Floors

fitting soundproofing beneath vinyl flooring
  • Use a crowbar to remove any skirting (cushion the crowbar using a suitable object to prevent any damage to the wall).
  • Seal any gaps in the flooring using an acoustic sealant, alternatively place plywood on the existing sub-floor and fix securely, then use an acoustic sealant to seal the gaps between each board.
  • Allow sealant to dry then begin to apply barrier mats to prepared surface in staggered pattern and cut around any fixed obstacles.
  • Ensure entire floor is covered.
  • It is important that you replace all skirting before laying carpet, and for the most attractive finish you may prefer to install it after laying wood and laminate flooring.
If you want even better results, we recommend that you combine our soundproofing barrier mats with an underlay (Important – When installing wood/laminate flooring you have to apply a layer of 12mm T&G plywood or MDF to prevent any floor movement).

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Installing Barrier Mats on Walls

fitting soundproofing beneath vinyl flooring
  • Remove any decorations on the walls.
  • Simply attach the barrier mats to the surface of the wall using an adhesive or nails.
  • Plaster over the surface of the barrier mat or you could simply attach a layer of plasterboard to its surface.
  • Seal all joints with acoustic sealant.

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