Karma Soundlay 9mm Impact & Airborne Noise Reduction Mat

Karma SoundLay is a high-performance noise barrier mat that has an Impact Rating of up to 53dB and airborne rating of up to 47dB.

Impact Rating

Rated at 53 dB

Airborne Rating

Rated at 47 dB


9 mm


Covers 1.2m2


10 kg


£19.16 /m²

ex VAT


£22.99 /m²

inc VAT
Actual Area (sq m) 1.2
Total Price £22.99

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Product Description

Karma SoundLay is a high-performance noise barrier, reducing both impact (up to 53dB) and airborne (up to 47dB) sound where superior noise control is necessary, making it ideal for both concrete floor and timber floor applications. It’s a two-layer laminate, the upper being a layer of CMS WB7.5 acoustic barrier supported by a 6mm lay of class 0 acoustic foam.

Karma SoundLay is supplied in standard sheets – and are easy to lay on the floor in a staggered pattern, placing tightly together.


  • Reduce impact sound
  • Improve airborne sound performance
  • Suitable for concrete (can also be used with timber floating floors)
  • Both systems have been tested on basic floor constructions
  • Flexible easy cut and simple to install
  • Supplied in thin easy handle tiles
  • Simple to install
  • Cost effective
  • Suitable for all final floor finishes



This product has an Impact Noise Rating of 53dB and an Airborne Noise Rating of 47dB, provided to us by the Manufacturer.

This figure isn’t a measure of the reduction that the product gives, but is the figure that you would get following a soundproofing test and is for the floor as a whole, not this product in isolation. Please see the product specification for more details on how this was achieved.

By giving this figure it allows manufacturers to inform people like contractors, builders and architects whether or not they will pass Sound Regulations by using this product without the need to carry out a sound test.

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Who is this product for?

This product is ideal for both domestic and commercial properties, designed for it’s abilities to reduce both impact and airborne noise.

If you’ve got noisy neighbours below or above, then this product is the ideal solution for you.

Technical Specification

Area 1.2m2
Dimensions 1m x 1.2m x 9mm
Thickness 9mm
Weight 10kg
Impact Noise Rating 53dB

The information given here may vary and is partly based on information from our suppliers. It represents the prevailing level of expertise and is not binding in a legal sense. The compliance of legal requirements lies within the customers own responsibility.

You can find all of the information shown here on one of our product data sheets which are in a PDF format. You can download this below.

Technical Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet

Fitting & Installation

Karma SoundLay is an extremely versatile product; it can be bonded or loose laid, however it’s important that the mats laid acoustic foam face down. Bonding is easy if the sub-floor is clean, dry and grease free; if the SoundLay is to be placed on a timber floor ensure all floor boards are fixed in place. CMS Bond 100 should be used when bonding to the sub-floor. SoundLay should be laid in a staggered fashion butted tightly together to get the optimum effect, ensure that the mats are also tightly butted against the skirting; should you choose to remove the skirting then apply the mats flush against the wall it’s recommend that perimeter strips are installed prior to replacing the skirting boards.

Important – SoundLay can be cut to any shape or size using a simple Stanley knife.

Use in conjunction with carpets, wooden, laminate and vinyl floors

When using with a carpet the SoundLay should be bonded to the floor using the CMS Bond 100; installing carpet should be done using carpet grippers or a suitable bonding agent, however to prevent any impediments to the Soundlay performance nail gripper shouldn’t be used. Ensure that the chosen bonding agent is suitable for polyurethane materials, as shrinkage may occur.

Where a wooden, laminate or vinyl floor finish are being used, it is recommended that a stiffening layer such as a 12mm T&G Plywood layer or MDF layer is bonded to the Soundlay, using the CMS Bond 100.

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