Regupol 7210C Acoustic Resilient Screed Layer

Regupol 7210C Acoustic Resilient Layer is designed for use with any type of concrete screed, within new build apartments. It is favoured in projects where pre-completion testing (PCT) is required over Robust Detail (RD).

Impact Rating

Rated at 46 dB

Airborne Rating

Rated at 49 dB


5 mm


Covers 2.59m2


£6.50 /m²

ex VAT


£7.80 /m²

inc VAT
Actual Area (sq m) 2.59
Total Price £16.83

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Product Description

Our Regupol Acoustic Resilient Layer is a cost effect rubber-bound product, manufactured from recycled materials. Each unit is 2.59m2 with a depth of 5mm.

The product is ideal for use underneath all types of concrete screed, particularly suited for new build apartments. Regupol 7210C was specifically designed for projects which require pre-completion testing (PCT), rather than the alternative Robust Detail (RD).

Please note: We recommend a wastage of 10% to account for the overlap and perimeter of the project, as per the manufacturers installation guidelines. We also recommend 1 roll of High Tack Tape for every 14 sheets of 7210c required.



This product has an Impact Noise Rating of 46dB and an Airborne Rating of 49dB, provided to us by the Manufacturer.

These figures aren’t a measure of the reduction that the product gives, but is the figure that you would get following a soundproofing test, on the same or a similar full floor set-up to the one used during testing (not just the product in isolation).

Please see the product specification for more details on how these figures were achieved.

Effective Reduction

If you need any assistance in understanding our product range, please don’t hesitate to call our customer service team on 01484 411888.

Technical Specification

Area 2.59m2
Dimensions 2.25m x 1.15m x 5mm
Thickness 5mm
Impact Noise Rating 46dB

The information given here may vary and is partly based on information from our suppliers. It represents the prevailing level of expertise and is not binding in a legal sense. The compliance of legal requirements lies within the customers own responsibility.

Fitting & Installation

Important – The Regupol 7210C cannot be used on a timber or chipboard sub-floor.

Before you lay Regupol® 7210C Acoustic Resilient Layer

Prepare the Base Floor: It is important that the base floor is clean (free from loose dirt and concrete dust). Flat (within National Building Standards +5mm over a 5m span) and where possible, dry

Laying Regupol® 7210C Acoustic Resilient Layer

-The Regupol® 7210C Acoustic Resilient Layer is supplied in sheet form. A sharp craft knife and straight edge must be used for cutting to size

-Joints must be overlapped. The overlap must be at least 50mm and taped down using Regupol® Hi-tack tape

-Turn up at all perimeter edges. The Regupol® 7210C Acoustic Resilient Layer should sit above the finished screed height ensuring that there is sufficient material available to lap under all wall linings and skirting boards (we recommend a minimum excess of 75mm).

-Lay a waterproof membrane (e.g. Visqueen), minimum of 0.2mm thick over the entire area. This must be overlapped by at least 100mm and must also cover the upturned edges of the Regupol®. All joints must be taped to prevent movement during the casting process.

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