Isomax Clip System (Channel) Channel For Resilient Isolation Acoustic System

The Isomax Clip System is designed to reduce sound by decoupling layers of plasterboard from their adjoining structures, allowing vibrations to be isolated.


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Product Description

This IsoMax Channel 1.8m is part of the IsoMax clip system. The IsoMax Clip System is a high performing, space conserving sound reduction system that has been developed by CMS Danskin, designed to eliminate “direct contact”. IsoMax are intelligently designed clips that are attached to ceiling or wall joists; because of their unique design and use of furring channels, IsoMax isolates plasterboard or drywall from nonisolated structures.

How IsoMax Sound Isolation Clips Work:

The IsoMax Clip System has been designed to act as shock absorbers in structures. When the sound hits the decoupled layer of plasterboard it will begin to vibrate, however since the plasterboard is isolated it will absorb most of the vibrations, meaning they are unable to reach the main structure.

To be used, this product requires the IsoMax Clip.


Features & Benefits

  • Offers a robust and higher performing alternative to traditional wall and ceiling isolation methods
  • Outperforms standard resilient bar construction by up to 7dB
  • Withstands greater loads than standard systems to provide peace of mind for developers and dwellers
  • Reduces the risk of error at installation stage, as screws cannot be inadvertently attached to the stuff or joist through the resilient area
  • Works as a space saving solution for either existing or new wall constructions, with minimal encroachment into living space
  • For situations where fire protection is a consideration, fire rated wall and ceiling systems are also available
  • Offer ones of the most cost effective methods available to achieve superior noise controls in walls and ceilings whilst using standard materials

Who is this product for?

This product is designed to eliminate sound that is transported through direct contact, such as vibrations travelling from walls to ceilings.

The clip and channel system isolate components such as partition walls or floating ceilings from the main structure.

Technical Specification

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