QA Springback Silver Hard-Wearing Carpet Underlay

The QA SpringBack Silver is a 34dB impact noise reduction carpet underlay, designed for durability and compression recovery, for long lasting support.

Impact Rating

Reduces by 34 dB


8 mm


Covers 15.07m2


10.3 kg


£2.47 /m²

inc VAT


£2.06 /m²

ex VAT

Out of stock

Product Description

QA SpringBack Silver is an 8mm thick PE Foam carpet underlay has excellent durability, thermal insulation, luxurious underfoot comfort, exceptional resilience and performs really well under pressure retaining its ability to spring back longer than any typical sponge or rubber carpet underlay could.

  • Underfoot Comfort – soft, deep and comfortable cushioning combined with its spring back attributes deliver an unbelievable underfoot comfort.
  • Resilient – SpringBack Gold performs extremely well under pressure, retaining its spring back ability much longer than a typical sponge or rubber carpet underlay.
  • Durable – SpringBack Gold is hardwearing and won’t react to everyday household cleaners. The SpringBack Gold carpet underlay is guaranteed for the lifetime of the carpet with a 100% recyclable polyurethane foam


Impact Reduction

This product has an Impact Noise Rating of 34dB, provided to us by the manufacturer. This is the reduction you will get when using this product.

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Technical Specification

Area 15,07m2
Dimensions 11m x 1.37m x 8mm
Thickness 8mm
Weight 10.3kg
Impact Noise Rating 34dB

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Technical Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet

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