Luvanto Finishing Strip Edging For Luvanto Click & Endure Pro

Luvanto Click Edge Finishing Strips for use with the Luvanto Click Vinyl system.


6 mm


Covers 0.0432m2


inc VAT


ex VAT

Product Description

Luvanto Click Edge Finishing Strips are designed to round off the edges of Luvanto Click vinyl installations. The strips are available in a variety of colours to closely match your Luvanto colour scheme.

This product includes a self-adhesive strip with a low profile, ensuring a snug fit with your Luvanto flooring. Each edging strip is 2.7m in length and as individual units.

  • 2.7m length
  • Self adhesive strip
  • Suitable for use with Luvanto Click
  • Wide range of colours


Technical Specification

Dimensions 2.7m x 0.016m x 6mm
Thickness 6mm

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