Karma Perimeter Strip 25m Acoustic Flanking Strip

The Karma Perimeter Strip is ideally suited towards isolating floor build-ups from the adjoining walls and skirting boards. This allows sound vibrations to be controlled and minimises their ability to travel. If you are a DIYer, please contact our team for soundproofing help and advice.


5 mm


Covers 25m2


£0.44 /m²

ex VAT


£0.53 /m²

inc VAT
Actual Area (sq m) 25
Total Price £10.99

Product Description

Sound will move from one room to another though direct and indirect paths, putting obstacle sin its way will not stop sound it will simply make it change direction. In some situations, this means that it will simply go around and soundproofing system; this is known as flanking. Karma offers it very own solution to flanking with the Acoustic perimeter strip.

The acoustic perimeter strip is a high-performance flanking strip; it comprises of a cross-linked, closed cell polyethylene foam strip which is placed around the edges of any acoustic floor system. The perimeter strips are fitted between the acoustic flooring system and the wall, to get the best results the skirting boards should be applied after the flanking strips are applied.


• Isolates acoustic flooring systems from adjacent structures
• Reduces transmission of flanking sound and impact noise
• Available in standard or custom widths
• Flexible and easily cut
• Simple to install
• Cost effective



This product doesn’t have a soundproofing rating, but it will contribute towards heightened sound control when combined with other products.

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Technical Specification

Area 25m2
Dimensions 25m x 0.1m x 0mm
Thickness 0mm

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Product Data Sheet

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