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All Underlay

Underlay is not an optional extra, it’s a fundamental component of any flooring system. Underlay shapes the look, feel and lifespan of the floor, it is essential that the correct underlay is chosen when installing any floor.

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Statements such as “Underlay doesn’t make a difference”, “I already have underlay for my carpet”, “My carpet has built in underlay”, “Laminate underlay costs too much” are all readily said when buying a new carpet or laminate flooring – but the reality is very different:

– New underlay adds luxury and superior comfort underfoot to your new flooring.
– New underlay reduces wear and tear on your new flooring by working like car shock absorbers.
– New underlay reduces noise and aids soundproofing.
– New underlay makes your new flooring look and perform better for longer.
– New underlay lowers energy costs by reducing drafts and retaining warmth of a room.
– New underlay makes your new flooring last longer.

Often old underlay holds on to dust, dirt and mites which seep through a new carpet and laminate making it appear dirty. Old underlay also often cracks, crumbles and collapses making your new floor appear uneven.


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