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Pliteq® is an engineering company and global innovator in recycled rubber building products for commercial sound control.

Pliteq’s is deeply committed to continued engineering research and development of its many products and manufacturing processes. We currently have 5 new inventions under development and patents registered in the United States, Canada and many other countries worldwide. Pliteq has 12 UL listed products as well as numerous additional structural and building certifications.

Testing is what sets us apart. Our engineers have completed over 2000 laboratory tests in the last ten years with a commitment to a monthly testing schedule as we consider only recent testing to be relevant for engineering purposes.


Thirty sales representatives in U.S. major metropolitan areas support Pliteq’s dedication to exceptional customer service across North America with a total of 100 people devoted to sales and engineering worldwide. Pliteq recycles the equivalent of 5 million tires per year, with over 80 individuals in our 300,000 SF global manufacturing and warehousing facilities. The commitment to engineering and development has led to over 7000 completed commercial projects globally.

Pliteq is on a steady growth trajectory and will continue to be a leading innovator in architectural acoustics, vibration and sound control on a global scale.

It’s not magic, it’s engineering.®

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