Top 3 Questions Recently Asked

Where are you based?

Flooring Warehouse Direct is a specialist online business based in Huddersfield. Please note that this is our head office, with our products being stored and despatched from dedicated warehouses located in Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire & Liverpool. We aim to deliver to all regions throughout the UK, for more information click here.

How long will it take for my order to reach me?

Orders above £200 are delivered between 3-5 working days free of charge. For an additional cost, orders can be upgraded to next day delivery. Only if the order has been placed before 1pm (excluding soundproofing).

Can I return my product?

If you notify us that you wish to return a product(s) within 14 days of receiving the goods and they are not faulty or broken, you will be refunded the full value of the product excluding any pickup or restocking charges and the initial carriage paid. If the goods are faulty or broken and you notify us within 14 days of receiving the product(s), we will issue you a full refund for the cost of the goods, the initial carriage fees and we will also cover the return carriage costs.

Once you have notified us that you wish to return goods, you then have a 14 day period to return the products to us. We will issue any refunds within 14 days of receiving any returned goods. Sadly, if the product has been altered in anyway (cut-to-size, made to measure etc.), you will be unable to return the product. For more information click here.

Questions about Airborne Noise

I live on the top floor in my flat and I can hear my downstairs neighbours talking, can you help me?

The solution is simple, lay the barrier mats on the surface of the sub-floor in a staggered pattern (usually a timber floor). Using an acoustic sealant seal the gaps between each mat then simply lay your underlay on the surface of the barrier mats and it should provide sufficient sound reducing effects.

I want to put something on the wall that will reduce or preferably stop the noise produced by my neighbour’s kids?

The ideal and most cost effective solution to this problem is to simply apply barrier mats to the surface of the wall using CMS bond 100, then, either attach a layer of plasterboard to the layer of barrier mats or simply plaster over the surface of the barrier mats.

Questions about Impact Noise

The problem I have, is that I have just completed renovations on my house and I can now hear everything from the kitchen upstairs in my bedroom and vice versa. Do you have or can you offer me, a solution?

You have two options to choose from in order to solve this problem; you could simply apply barrier mats to the sub-floor in your bedroom, then lay the underlay and flooring as normal, or you could apply the barrier mats to the ceiling downstairs, for more information on these solutions click here.

General Questions

Can you apply flooring directly to the surface of the barrier mats?

We recommend that you apply an underlay to the surface of the barrier mats before applying the flooring whether it be carpet or laminate/wood, not only does the underlay provide support and comfort but also prolongs the appearance of the flooring.

I live on the 4th floor in an apartment block, could you deliver directly to my apartment?

Due to the bulky nature of certain products and insurance / liability issues, the couriers will only deliver to curbside. (They cannot be expected to carry goods up to your flat for example).

Do you deliver internationally?

As a result of our suppliers and distributors being located in the UK, we are limited in terms of international deliveries.

Product Related Questions

Do you sell underlays that are wheelchair friendly?

We currently have three items: SkyWalk Gold, WorkForce Flame and WorkForce Rapid that are wheelchair friendly, we would also recommend searching for a thin, dense underlay because thicker underlays can be quite spongy making it extremely difficult to move around on.

I am limited in terms of floor height, however I am looking to add underlay beneath the floor. Which underlay would you recommend?

Our collection of underlay range from 1.5mm to 12mm thick, click here to view our in depth comparison chart to choose for yourself which one suits you.

I have purchased the Timbertech2 Acoustic Plus off your website and was wondering, do you lay the underlay foil face-down or face-up?

The foil side of the Timbertech2 Acoustic Plus acts as a vapour barrier, so ideally you should lay the foil facing down.

What underlay would you recommend for underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is typically quite expensive! After spending all that money you don’t have to compromise. We recommend that you use the QA Heatwave which unlike other underfloor heating underlays is ultra-thick and uses clever heat channel to allow heat to transfer from the elements below.

Are you able to supply underlay per metre as opposed to per roll?

As we purchase our products directly from our suppliers in rolls, we cannot supply any of our products per metre.

Do you Glue the Karma Visco 21 directly to the subfloor?

Visco 21 is designed to be a floating floor, thus meaning it doesn’t require any adhesive to fix the panels in place. It is recommended however, that you apply an ordinary wood glue to the tongue and groove interlocking system to fix them together to prevent them from separating overtime.

How do you install the QA Protech?

QA Protech is designed to be a vapour barrier meaning is prevents rising damp; installation is simple, lay the Protech on the sub-floor ensuring that each roll overlaps by at least 5cm. To achieve the best results the Protech should end 5cm above the existing flooring to expel any rising damp.